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A New Age of Capitalism

1. Capitalism cannot be a predatory system of empowerment.

2. Capitalism must bear its fruits to ALL participants.

3. Capitalism cannot be used to create or exploit a system of social stratum.

4. Capitalism must promote social value.

5. Capitalism must create a benevolent society apart from government intervention.

6. Capitalism must not create or tolerate a slave-state.

7. Capitalism must incorporate the ideal that wealth is not to be hoarded.
- That which exceeds an amount to provide reasonable comforts of life is to be used for the benefit of society.
- That may be through the private support of humanitarian programs.
- That might be through higher wages.
- It might be a lot of things!

8. Capitalism must require social responsibility.

9. Capitalism must be environmental.

10. Capitalism must promote peace.

11. Capitalism must never use militarism or other tools of coercion to achieve its ends.
- Iraq comes to mind!!!!

12. Capitalism must depend upon voluntary acceptance.
- Tax cuts for the rich is not voluntary.
- Union busting is not voluntary.
- Corporate bailouts are not voluntary.

If it is not willing to comply with every point, then it should be discarded into the trash-heap of history and lets try something else.

I find it not at all amusing that men like Benjamin Franklin would use their wealth to build infrastructure in America and as a tools toward world peace while Kenneth Lay and others hide behind laws that allow them to rape America and keep their ill-gotten gains.

What is wrong with the proposed war with Iraq?