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Dear Editor,


You see local issues unfolding.  It may be a county issue; it may be a school board issue;  it may pertain to your state representative or our Governor.


How many times do you wish that you had a cartoon to place in your editorial section that was pointed and on target to those things that are important to you and your readership?


The problem is that local cartoons are not syndicatable.  Subsequently, less and less editorial cartoonists have the interest or the time to engage in local issues.


Are they important?  You bet!!!


Think for a moment of an editorial section that only contains syndicated columns.  The local politicians get essentially a free ride.  How long would it take for the political structure at the local level to go out of control?  Not long!


That doesn’t mean that I think that you should not run any syndicated columns or cartoons.  Quite the contrary.  There needs to be a balance between international issues and those at the local level.


As an editor, you know how important it is to provide a context to your readers and the issues that most effect them.  The editorial cartoonist does a similar task with pictures and few words.  To not have local cartoons is roughly the equivalent of not having a local editorial written about those crucial issues.

To avoid the eight-page letter, I will cut to the chase.  I create editorial cartoons for both national and local issues.


You don’t have to come up with the cartoon—that is my job.  If I know what issues are important to you, and when I have a feel for the issue and its impact on the community, I can create a cartoon about that.


A sampling of my cartoons are found throughout the links on this website.


Getting with the program


   I can produce editorial cartoons specific to your publication.

   Having a publication specific editorial cartoon is an edge over your competition!


The acid test of readership

Which cartoon are your readers more likely to remember?


   The one about George Bush and Iraq, which has been in every paper across the country…OR

   The one about your County Commissioners violating the sunshine laws!


The acid test of impact

Who is more likely to care about this cartoon?


   George Bush when every publication and talk radio host has said everything that can be said over the last 24 hours…OR

   Your City Council that is up for a vote this year and knows that your readers saw that cartoon too!


The acid test of value

How do you put a value on the impact of local cartoons?



   I am open to being hired by a publication.  If this is of interest to you contact me at


   You may prefer to use my cartoons only once a week, or at some other interval.  That is all right too!


   You may need a one shot only cartoon and don’t know where to go to have this done.


What is important is that more newpapers include local cartoons in the mix.  I say that from the view of a citizen who has seen the impact of local cartoons on the political dialog.


The key is to have the cartoons to run in conjunction with the whole of the editorial page and specifically with the editorials by of the editor of the paper.


Why not consider this invaluable offer?  I can and will work it out to your convenience.



Al Ellsworth


P.S.  Further questions can be directed to me at: