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Dear Editor,

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You see local issues unfolding. It may be a county issue; it may be a school board issue; it may pertain to your state representative or our Governor.

How many times do you wish that you had a cartoon to place in your editorial section that was pointed and on target to those things that are important to you and your readership?

The problem is that local cartoons are not syndicatable. Subsequently, less and less editorial cartoonists have the interest or the time to engage in local issues.

Lets face it! Creating a cartoon that has a single use pertaining to an issue of local importance is difficult, time consuming, and has little payback compared to throwing your brush into the national arena where a single cartoon can sell in hundreds of newspapers.

Yet, there is a real need for the local editorial cartoon, while there are few that will place their future in a niché where there is neither wealth nor notoriety. You aren't even in the competition for the awards that add to the bottom line of the cartoonist.

With this much disincentive you may ask why would I be interested in pursuing local editorial cartoons. I would say that the simple answer is that at heart I am a die-hard patriot that still believes in the kind of freedom that can only be nurtured in an environment of limited and enumerated powers of government. That people have the right to make their own choices, whether those choices are prudent or whether they are irresponsible. The benevolent government that rules my life and picks my pocketbook is not within the scope of my idea of what the founders of this country had in mind. To make a difference is my payback.

To avoid the eight-page letter, I will cut to the chase. I create editorial cartoons for local issues.

You don't have to come up with the cartoonthat is my job. If I know what issues are important to you, and when I have a feel for the issue and its impact on the community, I can create a cartoon about that.

A sampling of my cartoons are at:

O.K. We can agree on the professional quality of the work, but can you afford this?

That depends on what you are looking for! If you are thinking in terms of the $10-$15 syndicated or Internet cartoons, the answer is quite frankly, no. This program is not about selling a cartoon to a hundred different publications.

Getting with the program

· I produce editorial cartoons specific to your publication.

· That cartoon does not appear in a hundred different other papers.

· An Ellsworth cartoon is not just another filler. It is an edge over your competition!

The acid test of readership

Which cartoon are your readers more likely to remember?

· The one about George Bush and Iraq, which has been in every paper across the country ...OR

· The one about your County Commissioners violating the sunshine laws!

The acid test of impact

Who is more likely to care about this cartoon?

· George Bush when every publication and talk radio host has said everything that can be said over the last 24 hours ...OR

· Your City Council that is up for a vote this year and knows that your readers saw that cartoon too!

The acid test of value

· A full time employee will cost you wages, benefits, S.S. Taxes, workman's comp., U.C. matches, vacation, and more!

· My offer at $REASONABLE per cartoon is far less than a full time employee, even if you use a cartoon everyday for the week.

· You choose how often and how this program can fit into your needs and your budget!

Why not start out by running a local cartoon once a week? You pick a day that will be consistent for your readership to build an expectation for the cartoon. From that point you can determine whether to have it more or less often based upon how well the cartoon does.

Use the convenient reply card below!


Al Ellsworth

P.S. Further questions can be directed to me at:

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